List of common roof warranties – How far do they protect you?

When you buy any costly asset, you always look for a warranty. It gives you the peace that you won’t need to experience any expensive issue till the end of warranty period. The same thing may be said, while it is your roofing system.

If you pay for a new roof, you want to get the warranty. However, while considering roof warranties, you can get two options- One warranty is from the manufacturer, and another one is from your contractor. There’re differences between these two kinds of warranties. The first one can cover just your roofing materials or the overall structure. The latter one includes only the workmanship. If you consider the warranty of roof manufacturers, we can see that it gives you a protection of about twenty to fifty years. But, this warranty protects the property owners just from the defect, present in your roofing system or materials. You may better go through the instructions about the coverage because each of the warranties may relate different terms.

Usually, roof warranties comprise

  • Repair of roof leakage

In most cases, the roof warranty can cover the cost of materials and labours for repairing leakages. However, you have to consider the particular circumstances, when this leakage has occurred. Perhaps, there is no compensation for the damage from lightning, fire, earthquakes and negligence.

  • Flaws in workmanship

The roof installation contractors can make errors at the time of doing their job. They give you the warranty of covering only the labour costs for repairing the structure.

  • Damage to roof due to hail

Hailstorms are very common in many areas, and they become the major cause of damage. So, you have to set up an additional protection system for preventing it. To keep away from this cost, it needs to under warranty.

There are some events, which can affect your roof warranty

  • Addition or alteration of roof with no approval of the manufacturer
  • No payment for installation or materials
  • Have not followed  maintenance deals by hiring certified contractor and by meeting all the needs
  • Damaged not repaired within the stated time

Thus, you have to consider these factors, when you plan for roofing canton Michigan. You can also visit the site to have a contact with contractors. They will give you a clear idea about the roof warranties in your area.