Pet Doors Because They Matter

Could you imagine how annoying it would be if you had to wait patiently by the door every time you want to go out until somebody comes to open it to you? That is something your pet knows very well about and probably they don’t like. Pets can’t open regular doors and, of course, it is not safe to keep the doors open at all times so they can come and go as they wish. Luckily for both of you, there are many pet doors in the market that let your pet to come in and out without you having to open and close the door at all times. Take a look at these different products and check out which ones are best for you and your beloved pet!

The most obvious and popular for homeowners with a fenced yard are exterior doors or walls with a pet door. There are many kits in the market that just need you to cut a hole in your door or wall and then install the frame on it. These frames are usually telescopic and fit the depth of the opening you just cut. With a vinyl flap or something alike, your pet can push it and then come in and out at will. These kits come in different sizes for different pets and also have a locker or a lockable cover so that you can permanently close it at night or whenever you don’t want it open. The most obvious place to install the kit is the exterior door, but this is only possible if it is a solid door, it won’t work with a crystal door for example. Another option is to install it on a wall, but beware before you do this, because cutting a hole in a wall is not as simple as cutting it on a door.

The cool version of the above one is the electronic door. As you probably noticed already, the above doors will let your pet in and out but will also let in and out any other unwanted animals or critters. If these critters are around the same size of your pet, they can crawl inside your home at will and that’s no good. Even worse, if your pet is medium sized, the hole can be used for a human to pay you an unwanted visit. Electronic doors use an ultrasonic collar so, when your pet is near the door, it automatically opens for them. They really love it and the only problem is they may like to play with it.

The cheaper version of them all is the sliding door. It works the same as the one with a flap, but it has a sliding door for them to come in and out. The problem, you guessed it, is you need to leave it open at all times when you want your pet out. Usually this is not a problem if you live in a fenced property and you open it in the days only. And some custom made blinds are the perfect window coverings for the sliding glass doors.